About DeepShine

About Me

I have always had an undying passion for cars, bikes and basically anything with wheels and an engine. From leaving school I joined the Royal Marines which strengthened my natural attributes of hard work, attention to detail and the determination to always achieve the highest possible standards. All of these things have contributed to my skills as a detailer. On leaving the marines I decided to combine my passion with work and began Deep Shine Detail. Over the years I have successfully built up the reputation and image of the company to what it is today. Many leading car care providers have selected Deep-Shine Detail as an approved detailer to represent their brand such as Polish Angel, Dodo Juice, Carpro and Chemical Guys.

The Studio

Deep-Shine Detail’s studio is situated on a modern secure business park in Lincoln, Lincolnshire and is easily reached just off the A46. The specifically designed studio offers a clean controlled environment and a wide spectrum of lighting to simulate the sunlight which highlights all defects and ensures the very highest possible standards are achieved.

Working conditions & environment are essential when performing detail packages, as many packages require more than one day it is paramount that the vehicle is secured in a clean controlled area.

Being alarmed, fully insured and offering W/C and comfortable waiting facilities the studio is not only a professional place to work but also somewhere to offer you the best experience possible.

Many protection systems, due to manufacturers instructions to obtain maximum results in terms of finish and durability, require certain standards are met during application and hardening. Temperature and cleanliness are the biggest factors both of which can be kept at optimum as per manufacturers specifications.

The Deep-Shine Service

There are many factors that contribute to your vehicle’s paintwork and finish beginning to look lifeless and dull. Poor wash technique, machine washes, weather, oxidisation, general use and much more quickly begin to take their toll. Swirl marks or cob-webbing are the main culprits and are usually highlighted on a bright sunny day when you expect your vehicle to look its best. Swirl marks are inflicted by surface contaminants being dragged over the paintwork resulting in light scratches that sap the life out of the paints finish and gloss. 

When you commission a Deep-Shine Detail package attention to detail is paramount in producing a better than showroom finish. Many different stages are completed to ensure a breathtaking finish, meticulous attention to detail during each of these stages is what makes Deep-Shine Detail a cut above the rest and astonishes our many happy customers in the area.  

No two cars are the same when it comes to what defects and contamination are present; we carefully assess each vehicle on an individual basis ensuring the correct products are selected to safely achieve the best results possible within the package selected.

The initial safe multi stage wash process is completed.

The Wheels were cleansed using a safe, acid free, wheel cleaner and a selection of brushes and wheel woolies ensuring no scratches are inflicted to the wheel finish.

The car is blanketed in a cleansing foam as a pre-wash to help soften and remove any loose surface contaminates. It is left to dwell for a few minutes before agitating hard to reach areas with a soft detailing brush.

The two bucket method, grit guards, plush wash mitts and a premium shampoo are used to ensure a safe wash. Ensuring the shampoo solution bucket remains free from removed grit and contaminates significantly reduces the risk of inflicting light surface scratches.

A common contaminate found on a lot of new cars is rail dust, it is easiest to identify on light coloured vehicles where it takes the form of what looks like tiny brown rust spots. Rail dust is just that small particles of metal from the metal train wheels against the tracks producing a fie dust in the air which embeds into the clear coat of cars which are transported by train or spend time in holding yards close to industrial train lines. A fallout remover is applied to remove airborne chemical compounds and ferrous particles. The purple coloration is the Iron Cut Cleaner forming a bond to the sintered iron on the car paint and wheel and changing its state to a water soluble for easy removal.

Paint and glass is then fully clayed to remove anything the wash process failed to. The previous stages safely dissolve/remove larger bonded contaminates/tar spots this greatly reduces the risk of picking up a large particle in the clay which could mark the paint. Though they are not visible, they feel rough or gritty and may cause patches of paint to appear dull. Clay lubricant is used as it’s essential to the performance and safety of clay.

Before the machine polishing stage all plastics and trim are masked up to protect them from the rotary polisher. A comprehensive range of paint depth readings are taken from the vehicle this enables me to detect previous repair and re spray work but most importantly gives me a guide to the paint’s thickness which enables me to make an educated decision when selecting pad and polish combinations. Scratch and defect removal will only be carried out as far as is safe to do so and is carefully monitored using a paint depth gauge.

Machine polishing stages specific to the selected package are completed. Vulnerable areas such as rubber and plastic edges were masked up as a precaution. Various machines, compounds and pads are utilised and are dictated by the contours, defects & access of the area worked on to achieve the best improvement and results possible within the constraints of the package.

Once the desired finish has been achieved it is important protect it. There are many considerations to take into account before selecting a last stage protection product whether it is a wax, acrylic sealant or a ceramic coating. The various options with the pros and cons will always be discussed with you before the detail to ensure the very best option is selected to suit both you and your vehicle’s needs.  The last stage protection is vital to maintain the fresh finish, the applied protection acts as a barrier, which prevents contaminates rebinding to the paint and also protects against harmful UV etc. 

All aspects of the vehicles exterior such as wheels, tyres, glass and plastics are treated and protected with carefully selected products specific for that area achieving maximum durability and results.

The Results