Deep-Shine Detail Tinting

At Deep-Shine Detail Lincoln, Lincolnshire we provide a professional window tinting service.

There are numerous benefits when it comes to installing vehicle window tints. As well as aesthetically improving the look of the vehicle functionally the installation will drastically reduce UV rays, aid keeping in car temperatures down and aid in theft prevention/security.

We always strive to achieve the highest standards when it comes to installation; interior trims, door cards and other items that allow us better access to the glass are safely removed. To ensure all contamination is removed from the glass it is meticulously cleaned using various methods. To facilitate this installations are completed in our clean, custom designed studio.

Templates are cut and trimmed away from the car on a glass cutting panel to ensure there is no risk of the vehicle’s glass and rubber seals being scratched and damaged.

The law requires that the windows on the vehicle allow at least:

In most modern vehicles there is a slight tint added to the windows when they are made. If you add any more tint it’s likely to result in the windows failing to meet the legal requirements.

Rear windows from the b-posts back have no legal limit so any tint percentage may be selected.

(Please do not hesitate to contact us and discuss the best options for yourself and your vehicle. )