Deep-Shine Detail Wrapping

Deep-Shine Detail offers specialist and professional vehicle wrapping in Lincoln, Lincolnshire.

There are many options available to you when it comes to enhancing your vehicle’s appearance using a vinyl wrap. We provide full colour change wraps as well as part wraps such as bonnet, roof and mirrors etc. This allows you to safely change and improve the aesthetics of your car in a finish you want without the need for paint.

We use only the best materials supplied by 3M, Avery and Hexis UK, these materials come with a lengthy manufacturers guarantee. We hold a wide range of colour charts for the above leading manufacturers providing 100’s of possible colours and finishes for you to choose from. Gloss, pearlescent, matte and carbon fibre finishes are just to name a few of the available finishes.

We pride ourselves in carrying out safe and correct installation techniques. The vehicle is meticulously cleansed and prepared to ensure all contaminate/grime is removed from the paints surface. All trim that can be safely removed is done so, lights, door handles, bumpers and bump strips are all carefully removed to ensure the best overall finish possible.

There are many benefits from the application of a full or part Vinyl wrap. The Vinyl wrap massively changes the aesthetics of the vehicle allowing you to greatly individualise the finish which can then be safely removed putting the vehicle back to an original state which will not effect the resale value, in comparison with custom paint which may limit the pool of potential buyers. Once the wrap is installed the Vinyl offers protection for the original finish underneath against stone chips, light scratches and any UV damage.

(Please contact us to discuss options and approximate pricing.)

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